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Milton Keynes is different. It's the only UK city that has been specifically designed for business growth from its very inception.

Our unique story has created a city that is not just different, but is better by design. Better for the people who live and work here; and better for the businesses that choose to locate here. Because of our visionary and imaginative city design, we can offer a wide choice of city centre development sites for your next project.

The US-style grid system of tree-lined boulevards makes this an easy place to navigate. Our famous roundabouts have created a free-flowing road system and some of the shortest commuting times in Europe. Less time stuck in jams means more time either at work or home.

Our businesses know that short and uncongested commuting makes for a happier and more productive workforce. Working and living in Milton Keynes gives you more time to spend on the amazing leisure, cultural and retail attractions here.

Because we've factored in our ambitious growth plans from day one, we don't suffer the same growing pains and infrastructure problems you find in other cities. Our new development sites, for commercial and residential, have been carefully planned to ensure that our communities have the space to grow without compromising on quality of life.

Milton Keynes is truly unique, by design.