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Milton Keynes has just the kind of people that growing businesses are looking for.

The workforce here is young and dynamic, with 48% of the population under 35 years old compared to 37% nationally.

Our home-grown talent pool is growing all of the time, thanks to excellent education opportunities and a host of skills, training and apprenticeship initiatives to support local employers.

We have the infrastructure in place to support the development of future skills to meet the needs of local employers. Milton Keynes College offers bespoke and innovative training courses and apprenticeships for local businesses, such as Red Bull Racing, Railcare and Nifty Lifts.

As well as an abundance of local talent, Milton Keynes continues to attract the successful and the entrepreneurial. The opening of Network Rail's new headquarters, for example, has resulted in around 2,000 people relocating here from across the UK.

Milton Keynes is working towards having its own university, thanks to a partnership with the University of Bedfordshire, which has created the University Campus of Milton Keynes to deliver higher education courses. Cranfield University, with its famous Management School and world-class engineering and health faculties is just a few miles away and The Open University also has its headquarters here. And being located between Oxford, Cambridge, London and Birmingham, there's no shortage of the world's smartest graduates on tap.

Whatever talent your business needs, MK has the solution.