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Milton Keynes is a place founded on the principles of innovative design and new ways of thinking.

Our pioneering instincts led us to challenge convention in search of a better future. You can see it in our people, our companies and our city-wide collaborations.

We're home to Bletchley Park, the historic site of secret Enigma code-breaking activities during the Second World War where Alan Turing designed the modern computer, and today we have innovators that are pushing the boundaries of technology on the global stage, from the engineering geniuses at Red Bull Racing to the mobile technology brains at AirWatch.

Milton Keynes has a vision to become a Smart City. We will be an exemplar resource-efficient city with renewable energy sources and sustainable systems.

With radical building codes, retrofit programmes, smart electricity grids and meters, local energy production and integrated transport systems. MK's approach is to use data gathered from the integration of these systems to cultivate an 'innovation ecosystem' in which city-based alliances enable communities, SMEs and universities to collaborate.

We were the first UK city to introduce door to door recycling. We led on the introduction of electric car charging points. E.ON and Milton Keynes Council have trials in smart homes where residents control heating remotely using an iPad.

A group led by Arup and Mitsui Europe are pioneering wireless charging on our new electric buses. And University College Milton Keynes is home to many more innovative projects with facilities such as the Smart Cities Institute and the Centre for Telehealth.